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you design, we create

Not feeling the crafting vibe but want personalized mala?


Pick your Gemstones and Closure Kit here and we will do the beading for you!


Don’t know where to start?


Print our FREE mala making design sheet to guide you and scroll

through our gallery for inspiration!

​​Remember that designing a mala necklace is a personal journey. Your mala should reflect your unique intentions, tastes, and beliefs, making it a meaningful and beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear or use for meditation and mindfulness

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what gemstones did you choose?

Do you want spacer beads?

Do you want metal accent?

What Colour Tassel do you want?

what metal tassel accents do you want?

Thanks for entrusting us with your masterpiece,

we are looking forward to bringing your vision to life.

schedule a consult

Still not sure where to start?  Send us an email and we can schedule a call!  We will do our best to spark your creative juices to make sure you choose the perfect gemstones for your masterpiece!


We are here to help and answer all your questions!  

Tel: 905.401.2220

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