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Incorporating mala making into your crafting and meditation routine can indeed be a wonderful addition to enhance your sense of inner peace and mindfulness. Mala making offers a unique and deeply spiritual experience, allowing you to infuse your intention and love into every bead you string. It can be a meditative and creative process in itself, as well as a beautiful tool for enhancing your meditation practice.
By crafting your own mala, you not only create a unique piece of jewelry but also a tangible reminder of your intention and the love you put into it. This sacred jewelry can serve as a meaningful companion during your meditation and mindfulness practices.
Incorporating mala making into your crafting and meditation routine can help you deepen your spiritual connection, promote mindfulness, and foster a sense of inner peace and love in your daily life. It's a beautiful way to infuse your everyday existence with greater awareness and tranquility.


Mala beads are a type of meditation or prayer beads commonly used in the many traditions for spiritual and meditative practices.  The art of crafting mala beads is meditative in itself and, for many, has proven to be a healing experience and an important part of their healing journey. 

Helps Develop Mindfulness | Crafting mala beads involves stringing together a specific number of beads, along with a guru bead and tassel. The repetitive and precise nature of this task can helps focus the mind and bring it into a meditative state.  This is like the purpose of using mala beads during meditation, to help one focus their attention and develop a state of mindfulness.

Creativity and Expression | Choosing the materials and colors for mala beads allows one to express their creativity and personal preferences. This creative process can be therapeutic and help channel emotions into tangible creations.

Symbolism | Gemstones have vibrational qualities that give rise to their symbolic meanings and healing properties.  Crafting mala beads with intention can be a way to connect with these healing properties and use them as a source of comfort and support.

Repetition and Mantra | The repetition of a mantra or intention can be expressed with the stringing of each bead.    This repetitive action helps reinforce the positive affirmation and focuses the mind on healing thoughts.

Sense of Accomplishment | Designing, crafting and completing a set of mala beads provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that boost our self-esteem and well-being, making it a healing and fulfilling experience.

Stress Reduction | When we engage in craft like making mala beads, we allow time and space in our lives to step away from its demands and occupy ourselves with a stress-relieving activity.  This provides us opportunity to turn inwards and find solace in the act of creation.

Personal Connection | Crafting your own mala beads can create a deep personal connection with the beads and their purpose. This can enhance the healing experience, making the beads more meaningful to you.

While the effects of the gemstones and process of crafting are subjective.  The meditative and therapeutics will hold high importance for some, for others this hobby will provide a creative outlet that bears a personalized piece of jewellery that they can adorn themselves with.  Whatever, your reason we are here, at The Mala Shala to help you find the perfect beads for your masterpiece! 

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