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Introducing our Tibetan Style Cone Caps, a versatile and alluring addition to your jewelry crafting arsenal. These beautifully designed cone caps are not only perfect when choosing a tassel as the guru bead in a mala necklace, but they also add an exquisite touch to your creations and can effortlessly highlight other components.


Elevate Your Mala Necklace |  The Tibetan Style Cone Caps are the epitome of elegance when selecting a guru bead for your mala necklace. Their intricate detailing and range of captivating metal finishes - including silver, gold, red copper, and copper - transform your piece into a work of art that exudes spirituality and sophistication.


Accentuate Your Tassels |  Paired with a tassel, these cone caps take your jewelry to a whole new level. They serve as the ideal accents, enhancing the visual appeal of your tassel while ensuring it takes center stage in your design. These caps are the perfect choice for creating bohemian-inspired or spiritually significant pieces.


Metal Options to Suit Your Style | With a variety of metal finishes to choose from, you can effortlessly align your design vision with your preferred aesthetic. Whether you prefer the timeless allure of silver, the regal charm of gold, the rustic warmth of red copper, or the rich elegance of copper, these cone caps offer endless possibilities for creating stunning jewelry.


Safe and Allergy-Friendly | Your well-being is important to us. Rest assured that our Tibetan Style Cone Caps are Cadmium-Free, Lead-Free, and Nickel-Free, making them a safe choice for anyone, even those with sensitivities to metal.


Size Considerations | While these cone caps are a visual delight, do remember to be mindful of their largest base when working with smaller beads. This ensures a harmonious and polished finish in your jewelry design.


Elevate your jewelry creations with the versatile and elegant Tibetan Style Cone Caps. Whether you're crafting a mala necklace, tassel-adorned jewelry, or any piece that deserves a touch of cultural and artistic charm, these cone caps are a must-have. Bring an essence of tradition and elegance to your creations today.



Metal Tibetan Cone Cap

SKU: 0004
  • Tibetan Style Cone Caps

    Cadmium Free | Lead Free | Nickel Free

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