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The 10mm Round Ribbed Antique Silver Beads with Celtic Style Engraving and a 5mm hole are an excellent choice for a focus bead, especially when you're using a tassel as your Guru piece.


Here's why they make a great choice:


Size | The 10mm diameter of these beads is sufficiently large to serve as a prominent focal point in your jewelry design.


Hole Size | The 5mm hole size is generous, allowing for easy threading onto various cords or materials, which is important when incorporating a tassel.


Ribbed Texture | The ribbed texture adds a unique and tactile quality to the beads, making them visually interesting and enhancing the overall design.


Antique Silver Finish | The antique silver finish provides a vintage or rustic appearance, which can complement the vibrancy of a tassel and add an elegant touch to your Guru piece.


Celtic Style Engraving | The Celtic-style engraving adds intricate and artistic detailing, making these beads not only functional but also visually captivating.


These specific characteristics make these beads an excellent choice for a focus bead when you're designing a Guru piece with a tassel. The combination of their size, texture, finish, and engraving can create a distinctive and meaningful piece of jewelry or accessory.


Metal Celtic Style Round

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