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This collection is your sanctuary when you seek moments of solitude to reconnect with yourself.  Treat yourself with one of our three kits and carve out some me-time to gather and reconnect with your true self, gifting yourself with some well deserved self-care!  Select a kit based on mala style but don't forget, all our fastening kits come with Beading thread, allowing you to make bracelets instead! And as a bonus we have through in a toggle fastener so you can turn your masterpiece into a bracelet wrap instead!  And with 140 beads and two types of threading, each kit allows for one 108 bead mala and one 27 bead mala.

Soulful Connections | Your Gemstone Oasis for Soulful Moments

  • 140 Beads | 6 mm

    24 Metal Accents

    10 Silver Beads | 4mm

    4 Silver Beads | 3mm

    200 Seed Bead | 12/0 Clear

    1 Toggle Fastener

    1 Tassel

    1 Metal Tibetan Cone

    Closure Kit

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