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Introducing the "Mystic Eclipse Mala, "a mesmerizing fusion of energies embodied in a unique wrap that can be worn as bracelet wrap and necklace. Crafted with intention and artistry, this stunning piece combines the deep, grounding power of black obsidian with the serene beauty of grey picasso jasper.


The beads, carefully selected for their individual properties, come together in a harmonious dance that mirrors the cosmic ballet of a lunar eclipse. Black obsidian, with its protective and transformative qualities, serves as a grounding anchor, guiding you through the ebb and flow of life's energies. Grey picasso jasper, with its subtle palette and calming patterns, adds a touch of tranquility, promoting inner peace and balance.


Each bead strung in the "Mystic Eclipse Mala" is a reflection of the celestial forces at play, encapsulating the essence of a mysterious eclipse. Wear it as a bracelet or necklace, and feel the energies interweaving, creating a celestial symphony that resonates with your own journey. Embrace the mystique, find your balance, and step into the cosmic dance with this uniquely enchanting accessory.

Mystic Eclipse

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