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Introducing the Mala Shala "Honey Bee" mala, a masterpiece that not only graces you with its exquisite beauty but also bestows an array of energetic and healing qualities through its carefully chosen gemstones.


The radiant orange carnelian, known for its vibrant and warming energy, infuses the mala with positivity and motivation. Yellow amazonite, with its soothing and balancing properties, brings inner harmony to those who wear it. The honey jade, resembling the sweet nectar collected by bees, enhances the mala with its calming and nurturing qualities, promoting emotional well-being. Yellow opal, representing joy and creativity, adds a playful and lighthearted energy to the mix.


The white jade focus bead serves as a beacon of purity and clarity, guiding you towards inner peace and spiritual insight. Completing this masterpiece is the oval fire agate pendant, known for its grounding properties and connection to the earth's fire energy.


The "Honey Bee"  is malaot just a piece of jewelry; it's a manifestation of these gemstones' healing and energetic qualities, allowing you to carry the essence of positivity, balance, and nurturing energy with you on your journey. Embrace the transformative power of this mala and let it guide you towards a life filled with abundance and harmony.

Honey Bee

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