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Introducing our versatile and intention-infused "Blooming Gate" Mala, a harmonious fusion of prosperity and protection intricately woven into 54 captivating beads. At its heart lies a powerful 8mm Tiger Eye Guru Bead, a stone revered for its grounding properties and ability to enhance focus.


This enchanting Mala comprises a symphony of energies through a combination of Orange Carnelian, Crazy Agate, and Golden Obsidian beads, each meticulously chosen for its unique qualities. Orange Carnelian, a vibrant gem, breathes life into your intentions for prosperity, fostering courage and motivation. The Crazy Agate beads contribute a dynamic and stabilizing force, aiding in the balance of energies as you embark on your spiritual journey. Golden Obsidian, with its captivating sheen, forms a protective shield, safeguarding you from negative energies and promoting stability.


The "Blooming Gate" Mala is a talisman of dual purpose, serving as a pathway to both prosperity and protection. Wear it gracefully around your neck as a radiant necklace, or embrace its versatility as a bracelet wrap, allowing its transformative energies to encircle you throughout the day.


As you adorn yourself with the "Blooming Gate" Mala, feel the resonance of these gemstones amplifying your intentions. Let the Tiger Eye Guru Bead guide you in grounding your desires, while the Carnelian, Crazy Agate, and Golden Obsidian beads work in harmony to create a protective and prosperous haven around you. Embrace the blooming possibilities that unfold as you embark on your spiritual journey with this exquisite and meaningful Mala.

Blooming Gate

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