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Welcome to the Bead & Babble Collection, where you're about to embark on a heartwarming journey of crafting and connecting with your besties!


This fabulous kit is your perfect companion for those cozy group hangouts, providing everything you need to craft five stunning mala necklaces, allowing you to bond with friends over these exquisite creations.  


What's more, you have the freedom to transform your malas into charming bracelet wraps or shorter necklaces with the inclusion of toggles ensuring that everyone's unique style shines through.

It's time to prepare for crafting, chatting, and creating timeless treasures with your tribe! And the versatility doesn't stop there – you can easily make over 20 bracelets instead, making this collection an ideal choice for a wide range of occasions, including workshops, birthday parties of any age, family gatherings, or kids' camps.


This kit is your go-to solution for all your creative needs!

Bead & Babbles | Perfect Bundle for Close Connections

  • Including in this package:

    700 Beads | 6 mm

    120 Metal Accents

    50 Silver Beads | 4mm

    30 Silver Beads | 3mm

    1000 Seed Bead | 12/0 clear

    4 Toggle Fastener

    5 Tassel

    2 Metal Tibetan Cone

    1 Metal Celtic Style Round

    2 Cylinder Tube

    Closure Kit

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