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Introducing the Amethyst Reef Mala Necklace, a magnificent creation that harmoniously blends the energies of amethyst, rainbow fluorite, and white jade into a single, enchanting piece of jewelry. This handcrafted masterpiece has been carefully designed with both aesthetic appeal and spiritual significance in mind.


Amethyst, with its captivating purple hues, is renowned for promoting tranquility, spiritual growth, and inner balance. The Amethyst Reef Mala Necklace showcases amethyst focus beads that can serve as a point of meditation, allowing you to tap into the calming and spiritually enriching qualities of this remarkable gemstone.


Rainbow fluorite, known for its vibrant and multicolored appearance, is believed to foster mental clarity, focus, and emotional equilibrium. Its inclusion in this necklace brings a harmonious touch, inviting a sense of well-being and mental clarity into your life.


White jade, celebrated for its purity and serenity, beautifully complements the rich amethyst and lively rainbow fluorite. White jade is recognized for its ability to instill peace and harmony, making it an invaluable addition to the Amethyst Reef Mala Necklace.

Adding to the necklace's allure, a small tear-drop amethyst pendant graces this creation, accentuating its beauty and providing a focal point symbolizing your connection to inner peace and spiritual growth.


Our hope is that the Amethyst Reef Mala Necklace will not just be a piece of jewelry, but a source of joy, clarity, and healing in your life. Whether you choose to wear it as a fashion statement or incorporate it into your meditation practice, this exquisite gemstone necklace is a representation of beauty, balance, and personal growth. Embrace this captivating creation, and let it inspire you on your journey towards greater happiness, mental clarity, and spiritual healing.

Amethyst Reef

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