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The choice between using 6mm or 8mm gemstone beads for making a mala bead necklace can depend on various factors, including personal preferences and the intended purpose of the mala.

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Here are some considerations for each size:
Aesthetics and Style | The size of the gemstone beads can significantly affect the overall look and style of the mala.
6mm Beads |  These beads are smaller and can create a more delicate and dainty appearance. They are often chosen for malas with a subtle or understated design.
8mm Beads | Larger 8mm beads tend to create a more bold and prominent look. They can be visually striking and are often chosen when the mala is intended to make a statement or serve as a fashion accessory.
Desired Length | If you intend on following the 108 mala model for your necklace, a mala made with 6mm beads will be shorter than one made with 8mm beads.  
Ease of Use | The size of the beads can also affect the practicality and ease of use of the mala.
6mm Beads | Smaller beads can be easier to handle, especially for those with smaller hands. They may flow through the fingers more smoothly during meditation or mantra recitation.
8mm Beads | Larger beads may be easier to count, making them a good choice for people who prefer a more tactile and prominent sensation when using the mala for meditation or mindfulness practices.
Energetic Properties | Some individuals believe that the size of gemstone beads can influence the energetic properties of the mala.
6mm Beads | Smaller beads might be seen as more subtle and gentle in their energy. They can be chosen for malas used for healing or relaxation.
8mm Beads | Larger beads might be considered to have a more powerful and prominent energy. They could be chosen for malas intended for enhancing focus, strength, or protection.
Cost and Availability | The cost of gemstone beads can vary based on their size and rarity.
6mm Beads | Smaller beads are often more affordable, and a mala made with them may be more budget-friendly.
8mm Beads | Larger beads can be more expensive, especially if they are made from rare or precious gemstones.
Intended Use | Consider the primary purpose of the mala.
6mm Beads | If the mala is intended for daily wear as a piece of jewelry and for light meditation, 6mm beads may be suitable.
8mm Beads | If the mala is intended for more intensive meditation, prayer, or as a statement piece, 8mm beads may be preferred.
Ultimately, the choice between 6mm and 8mm gemstone beads for a mala bead necklace is a personal one. It depends on your aesthetic preferences, how the mala feels in your hands, and the intended use or purpose of the mala. You can also mix bead sizes for a unique and personalized design that combines the benefits of both.
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