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The intention of larger beads on a mala necklace can vary based on personal preferences, spiritual beliefs, and the specific tradition or practice of the individual using the mala.


​Here are a few common intentions behind using larger beads on a mala necklace:

Enhanced Focus | Larger beads can serve as anchor points, making it easier to maintain focus during meditation or prayer. Their size can help you feel the rhythm of your practice, as they stand out and may have a more significant tactile presence.
Symbolic Significance | In some traditions, larger beads may have specific symbolic meanings. For example, the larger guru bead, often represents the teacher-student relationship or the idea of enlightenment, with the smaller beads symbolizing individual steps or mantras on the path toward that goal.  Keeping with that idea, the addition of focal beads can be points where we acknowledge the teacher within.  One could also use these larger focal beads as points where we pause to give thanks the elemental energies which we are each made of or some other significant symbols in our lives.
Easier Counting | While smaller beads are typically used for counting mantras or breaths during meditation, larger beads can be useful for counting rounds or sets of smaller beads. After completing a round of recitations with the smaller beads, practitioners can reach the larger bead to signify that they've completed a set.  This is similar to the markers on the rosery design, which traditional mark the recitation of a new prayer.
Aesthetics and Personal Style | The use of larger beads can also be a matter of personal preference and aesthetics. Some individuals may find larger beads more visually appealing or like the way they feel when worn as a piece of jewelry.
Tactile Sensation | Larger beads can offer a different tactile sensation when held during meditation. The texture, weight, and feel of larger beads can add to the sensory experience and create a unique connection with the practice.
Comfort and Ease of Use | For people with physical limitations or dexterity issues, larger beads may be more comfortable and easier to manipulate during meditation or prayer.

It's important to note that the specific intentions behind using larger beads on a mala necklace can vary widely, and individuals may have their own reasons for incorporating them into their spiritual or meditative practice. Ultimately, the choice of bead size (or number of beads) on a mala necklace is a personal one and should align with the individual's intentions and preferences for their practice.
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